Get on with what exactly?

Yes there was a vote in June 2016 but democracy doesn’t stop, or there would be no more elections! Many argue with examples in my local paper, that we should “get on with it” and stop fear being spread. Sharing concerns and facts about the future of the country isn’t scaremongering but our democratic right. I would ask get on with what exactly? There are so many versions of Brexit, could even say over 17 million individual reasons?

There is also major issues like the Irish border and citizen rights both here and abroad not properly discussed over 2 years ago.

Around 100 years ago the suffragettes didn’t give up their fight for the vote, and the same with those fighting for civil rights for all in the US in the 1960’s, and the same with equal marriage and pride more recently.

I personally believe the people’s vote is needed, as parliament is divided on the way to approach Brexit over two years later. We need more democracy not less to fix our divided country.

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