Inspirational Stop Brexit Conference in Leeds

Thanks to Leeds for Europe for organising an inspirational Great Northern Stop conference in Leeds. I could share so many points, and will give 10 here:

1. We need to “convince politicians and people there should be another vote”, but the message needs to be positive. “Another close vote will continue the toxin of Brexit.” Richard Wilson, Chair of Leeds for Europe.

2. “The next 10 weeks are the most important in our lives.” If Brexit isn’t stopped “I will be a Returner”. Will Hutton, from the Observer.

3. “The capitalism of 2018 is coming to it’s end” and we need reform which leaving won’t remedy. Will Hutton.

4. If a referendum is agreed in October “it won’t happen until the 28th March”, so an extension of Article 50 would be needed. Jessica Simor QC.

5. “Westminster has never cared about places like Sunderland”. The opportunities and jobs are all in London. Decisions are too far away. Femi Oluwole, Our Future Our Choice.

6. Remembering the impact on EU citizens here and the British living across Europe. Described by Cosi Doerfel Hill, In Limbo.

7. The case for Europe needs to be idealistic (about peace), pragmatic (small and medium sized countries working together) and selfish (trade with our neighbours). Richard Corbett. Labour MEP for Yorkshire & the Humber.

8. Far from “taking back control”, the irony of Brexit is giving our sovereignty away to Westminster. Professor A.C. Grayling.

9. “Britain is not a democracy” as we need decisions locally, not just one mayor, but assemblies. “Politics is something you do, not done to you”. Natalie Bennett, former Green Party Leader.

10. “Why aren’t we taking the referendum to court for undermining our democracy?” Kenya did it a week later after their election. Julie Ward, Labour MEP for the NW.

The campaign for a People’s Vote is growing, and Remaining for a prosperous future together with our 27 neighbours is still worth fighting for.