A new wonderland

Two campaigns both alike in reach,
In fair Westminster, where we lay our scene,
From post-war grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil protest makes civil hands unclean.

There may be no star-crossed lovers involved here although you never know what is on the horizon.

From the late winter snow recently were we also becoming Narnia? Along with the cold were battles fought in a political sense. Talk of rebellion also brews. All that was missing was Aslan the lion to save us.

“Wait, wait” the Queen of May shouts from her castle at number 10. “This isn’t a Shakespeare play or Narnia here. We are entering a new wonderland. Blue passports and a global Britain for all. Free from the shackles across the channel we rise!”

The orange Jaberwocky across the Atlantic roars as his power takes a knock. The Bandersnatch from the east causes further misery as a substance is released. The Queen of May sighs as the campaign propelling her in place hits a new snag. Exploited data from old Cambridge and spending controversy spreads abound. One of her minions shouts “utterly ridiculous” while others keep quiet. A cat with a huge grin laughs while throwing fish into the mighty river. “This is the only way to get our fish back” he growls.

The real world comes back into focus. You would be forgiven for thinking a nightmare is where we are and heading into further. Brexit issues continue to dominate and consume parliament’s decision making. If Brexit was a tower of Jenga you could see Theresa May fighting to keep it toppling. Used previously as an analogy for worries in the City of London’s finance sector. In reality however the City is just one block. Others could include; the Northern Irish Border, the NHS, the EU Withdrawal Bill, Immigration Reform, the European Court of Human Rights and Animal Rights. The list goes on as the tower gets taller and more unstable.

However as has been said before “nothing is agreed until all has been agreed”. From Belfast to Brighton, Paisley to Plymouth, and Liverpool to Lowestoft the uncertainty is felt by both sides of the Brexit divide. Businesses, Scientists, Healthcare professionals and those in Education have all shared their concerns over the future.

A wonderland is not on the cards. It may seem with the recent news of progress on the EU-UK negotiations moving forward being positive. All we can do is watch and wait. The deal offered will be wanted to be be debated and voted by parliament. As whispers and changes of opinion spread within the public, a second vote could still occur.

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