Second Worldwide Wednesday 2018

This Wednesday (7th February) saw two fantastic speakers bring together people who have travelled, worked, studied and/or lived abroad. Professor Michael Dougan of EU Law at the University of Liverpool spoke about his five main reasons for the EU existing and worth fighting for. Tabitha Morton of the Women’s Equality Party in Liverpool spoke about gender equality. The setting Avenue HQ is a great venue on Liverpool’s waterfront offering space for these regular WWW monthly events. Every month this enables people from different backgrounds and nationalities to meet, learn from and share with each other in an informal, relaxed environment.

Professor Dougan’s 5 points were:

  1. The EU plays a central role in peace on the continent and has created consolidation between France and Germany, and  Ireland and the UK among others.
  2. Co-operation between states has led to sharing of information including science, and the ability to travel freely.
  3. Cross-border challenges like trade and the environment are met through collective actions.
  4. There is a unity of European values through the political model and a forum for cross-border collaboration.
  5. Each member state is sovereign and the EU is our representative on the global stage and successful at it.

He added if didn’t already exist we would have to create it.

Tabitha Morton who last year stood for the Mayor of the Liverpool City region, spoke about equality for women. This referenced the 100 year anniversary of the Representation of the People Act 1918 which gave many women over 30 the right to vote for the first time. Even though we have come so far there is still a way to go. Tabitha spoke of the pay gap which still is in national news, the attitude towards care giving, the productivity gap and roles each gender feels pushed into, how the top boards of organisations are still in the majority male and the ways the media plays a part.

The evening was well attended and the next will be the 7th March, the day before International Women’s Day with i’m sure more great speakers.


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