Time for a Change in Tactic.

After two interviews over the last week which didn’t go well, I feel I need to change my approach when going through the application process. Maybe these two roles weren’t for me, I can’t be sure. The main point I do know is leaving with the feeling that they didn’t get to see the real me. That was either because of my nerves showing, little detail in the answers given, and leaving with many regrets of what I could have included.

I beat myself up over it saying: “you’re 33 and experienced many interviews by now?” In the five years since completing my degree (I started for a second time as a mature student) I have felt stuck and not knowing which roles should be trying. I began studying Public Relations with Business Management thinking it would lead somewhere positive. This hasn’t been the case so far anyway. Flitting between part time roles in customer services, many I don’t enjoy has left me dreading going in at times. Looking at adverts online doesn’t help as I get drawn to the experience or attributes I don’t have. Therefore I get put off with thoughts of it’s not worth trying.

I admit have made mistakes in jobs in the past. Now with the gaps in my C.V after temporary roles leave me the feelings of a bad impression from potential employers.

However over the last two years especially I can mention many positives. This blog itself I have just realised is two years old. I have enjoy writing and feel have a passion for it. It is still developing as I go but has led me to writing for Warrington Worldwide and the website “The What and the Why.” The EU referendum result has also re-invigorated my interest in politics. This also led me to join the campaign group Liverpool for Europe, through which have met some fantastic people.

I also have become involved locally in Friends of Warrington Transporter Bridge, Warrington Arts Council and Warrington Civic Society. I have enjoyed living in Warrington for the past 8 years, and feel it has a lot to offer. I was also proud to enter and win a prize in the Warrington 2021 Capital of Culture Art Competition with a design for an Warrington Underground or tube.

Reading now you may be thinking that doesn’t sound too bad. I am proud have got as far as two interviews lately, one for a local newspaper. I still have to work on my confidence which I feel has held me back.  I am keeping positive looking ahead as know life is journey and will get there. A change in attitude and outlook however slight will help here.

Lastly I want to thank some people who have helped a lot over the last few years. Gary Skentelbery published a few press releases by myself in Warrington Worldwide. Gary does much for Warrington and is always busy covering stories or helping others. David Waywell has helped me format and work on articles. Something I am still learning as he well knows. Margaret Ingham, chair of Friends of the Warrington Transporter Bridge for giving me advice, and helping with my driving test. I may have failed my first but the second one isn’t far off. The great people within Liverpool for Europe are also worth a mention, especially Steve, Brenda and Pauline. I could mention many others including Molly (from her twitter namesake), Andy have remained in contact from University and is getting married soon, Ali who feels like my other mum, and Sue Jones who is always a Facebook message away. Finally I can’t forget Paul, how have you put up with living with me for 7 years?