Two divided nations? Time to move forward in unity!

I woke up to the news that Donald Trump was ahead in the Presidential race, and was as shocked and filled with disbelief as many I know. As the news came in that Hillary Clinton conceded and the markets across Asia and Europe were sent into turmoil, I felt a worry again close to what had felt on the 24th June after the EU referendum result.

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I don’t completely understand how an US election works, as know the British system is different, but can see what policy ideas the new President elect has put across. He has talked about repatriating jobs, building infrastructure and dealing with internal programs. This has been discussed as inward looking, which goes with his anti-immigrant rhetoric, as has parallels with what is going on here surrounding the EU referendum.

Has the result over in America been the same as it was here with people who voted Trump not expecting him to win? Also I find it interesting that many who voted for Brexit can’t see the similarity between the campaigns even though they used slogans like “Make America Great Again” and “Take Back Control”. I see both results as a protest vote against a system that may have flaws but can be worked on. This protest is based on lies and stoking up division, and is not people power, but could make us all worse off in the long term. Trump himself used Brexit plus as what his win would be like, and even Nigel Farage came over to help him campaign.

It could be said that these results have been brought on by fear, insecurity and anger in the establishment, even though could be argued these campaigners and leaders are part of the rich elite themselves. Some have argued that Trump’s rhetoric used during the election could be just words and will appear more moderate as he takes up office, the world will be watching as his term starts in January.

I do wonder what happens now as my shock is subsiding, but feel we need to move forward and heal the division that seems to be spreading from the UK to the USA and hopefully not beyond. I still believe Brexit can be stopped with the uncertainty created in trade, culturally and influence. We can stand united with our neighbours across Europe for our national interest and work to build a country and world we can be proud of.


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