Has the tide started to turn?

Article 50 could come as early as January, say Sky sources

This has been a positive week for those fighting against Theresa May and her plans for Brexit without a mandate or say from anyone else. Gina Miller, a London businesswoman, lead the High Court challenge, starting last week; along with the People’s Challenge group looking into the legal aspects. This case  is demanding that MPs be given a vote on the timing of the invoking of Article 50.

Yesterday was the third and final day in the High Court hearing, which finished the first stage of one of the most important constitutional cases ever heard, with Brexit having many impacts on the direction of the country.

The People’s Challenge is very thankful to its 4918 supporters for making this happen, without so the arguments would not have been presented. A special thanks has also got to be given to Jolyon Maugham QC,who conceived of a crowdfunded challenge to the government’s position. The legal team also deserve praise for their hard work in presenting the case so compellingly, and to the Royal Courts of Justice staff for arranging live video feeds from the hearing room and transcripts every day so the public could follow the case and see the arguments.

The transcripts are available here: https://www.judiciary.gov.uk/publications/santos-and-m-v-secretary-of-state-for-exiting-the-european-union-transcripts/?utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=Update_139_on_Peoples_Challenge_to_the_Government_on_Art_50_A_Parliamentary_Prerogative_October_19_2016&utm_medium=email 

The evidence has shown that Parliament has the right to reject the final Brexit deal, with the Prime Minister now even indicating this for the first time. This immediately triggered furious debate on the possible consequences as Theresa May had previously refused this demand within the house.

Conservative MP Neil Carmichael called this encouraging and  a “victory for all those who believe in the right of Parliament to represents the interests of our constituents”.

From the Liberal Democrats, Foreign Affairs Spokesman Tom Brake said the final decision whether to approve a Brexit deal should be made by the public;  in a second referendum. He said: “It’s telling that it’s taken a court case to get the Government to finally admit it will give Parliament say on the Brexit deal.

“The Liberal Democrats will fight to ensure the British people are also given a say over the final deal to ensure it is right for them.”

Tomorrow is another significant day with the Witney by-election. in the seat vacated by David Cameron. Liz Leffman the Lib Dem candiate who has made no secret of being pro-EU and has been supported by the Vote for Europe group created by David Welsh, along with other pro-european groups created surrounding the referendum. The Lib Dems and supporters have been working hard to gain ground against the Conservatives in the constituency, and if successful would send the government a powerful message.

I have always believed leaving the EU is a bad decision for the country, and can still be averted if the public mood changes. An Act of Parliament should be now essential in invoking Article 50 as too much is at stake. The disagreement between Unilever and Tesco which resulted in Marmite coming off the shelves, was just a warning about prices rises to come if Brexit is inevitable. I however think that the tide is starting to turn with the government realising there is a great struggle ahead, especially if they ignore the 16 million and more; who believe Remain was in the best interest of the country.

Brexit means Backwards, let’s move Forward together!

This week has definitely created much to talk about from the Conservative Party conference, and in my view hardly anything positive.

I find it quite worrying that our Prime Minister can be interviewed saying “What makes me angry? Injustice… …When I see the powerful abusing their position.” Although then she seems to be conveying in her words over the last few months that Brexit is whatever I say it means, by confirming Article 50 will be triggered by March 2017 in her conference speech, and we will leave the single market completely.

The Great Repeal Act plan which will repeal the 1972 Act than led us in the single market and later the EU, will take all our laws and enshrine them within ours once Brexit has been completed. There is a chilling fear that these could be greatly picked apart and would we would loose many of the benefits and protections the EU has given us.

Yesterday (3/10) the Environment secretary Andrea Leadsom suggested that young people in the UK would like to work as fruit pickers after the EU workers had returned, which I can’t see happening. She also said we export coffee to Brazil, which has turned out to be true although is from a Nestle factory in the Midlands, and wasn’t clear if she meant grown here or not, with her own department not knowing the facts on it. We have to remember Andrea was a PM contender, and a leading light of the ‘Take back control’ rhetoric turning the Leave campaign.

The suggestion by Theresa May today (4/10) is also quite striking, as NHS Doctors from overseas may know be welcome until 2025. This is despite huge numbers being recruited from abroad, with the numbers registering to work in the NHS from outside the UK being shown to be outstripping those graduating from medical school in recent years.

There does seem to be many concerns being raised over what the future will bring, and I can’t see how Brexit will be made to “work for all”, with PM May’s words on that meaning nothing. There are many issues which seem to be being ignored, especially to do with the Irish border, and the fact that Scotland had a majority remain vote in all areas.

However I do feel there is one positive in the next few weeks, and that is the Witney by-election in Oxfordshire. As a volunteer of the Vote for Europe Group, a blogger on the New Europeans website, and a Liberal Democrat member (although slight bias there) I feel the Lib Dem candidate; Liz Leffman would be the best person for the role of MP in the seat held by David Cameron. It would also send the government a message that there are many out there from all parties, that feel the country is heading in the wrong direction.

I believe as the full plan comes into view about what direction Theresa May is taking us in; we should be ready as an opposing force; to resist those taking the country backwards via Brexit, and together we can move forward in a positive way.