Giving up isn’t an option!

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I do despair sometimes reading the political news every day since the 23rd June with the changes in government, and reports of hate crimes on the increase, but my belief that this ‘Brexit’ result is near impossible to implement and will be a disaster in many ways hasn’t changed. Some may have resigned to the fact that ‘Leave’ is inevitable but I don’t buy that, and I won’t give up hope that the country shutting itself out of the world and going backwards can be averted. In my mind Theresa’s words of “Brexit means Brexit” doesn’t mean or explain anything.

The argument that overturning this result will undermine democracy is also questionable as technically this was an advisory referendum for parliament to discuss and vote on. The campaign was also short with many lies being spread especially by leave campaigners, and there was no plan created, with those who created this mess letting others pick up the pieces. Those who uses phrases of “shut up” and “you lost” etc, and those who have accepted this result without question need to be reminded that opposition doesn’t just give up after an election, so why should we now?

I could also refer to my current situation about not giving up as I personally am looking for work, and feel my confidence has taken a hit while searching. I have had temporary and part roles since graduating a couple of years ago, but nothing has felt permanent or what I want to build my skills in. However things have been looking up recently as I write this blog to get my voice out there, something I have thoroughly enjoyed with a passion. I do wonder though if the events of the last few months have set in this motion this path, and has made me think of ways to use my to skills to fight positively.

A march for Europe will also take place tomorrow; the 3rd September in London and elsewhere across the country, which if you can make will be great way to show support. The future within the EU can be still certain if all the 16+ million who voted for Remain, and others who may not have voted, or changed their mind can get together not give up fighting for the best option to create a country we can all be proud to live in and share economically, and culturally with Europe and the world.


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