Is this the calm before the ‘Brexit’ Storm?

Many have had hope in the last month that the economy will be on the up after the initial shock of the referendum result. Statistics in the past few days however have shown that UK economic analysts are in unanimous agreement that a recession will occur in the second half of this year. The only disagreements are on the length and depth, so is this the eye of the storm before it actually hits?:

We have been part of the European Union, and the European Economic Community (before 1993) since 1973 and unpicking all the laws will be immensely complicated on a huge scale. As I mentioned in a previous blog I have also seen a figure of £5 billion over the next decade to pay trade negotiators and law firms to sort this, as there is a skills shortage within the civil service. I can also imagine the civil servants who can work on this enormous task thinking ‘Brexit’ is a silly idea, and if given the choice would prefer not to be involved.

Other issues involved with ‘Brexit’ include attracting university students, the uncertainty over science research, and the subsidies paid to UK farmers. There could also be a bitter clash looming over who will foot the bill for paying pensions owed to thousands of British citizens; in countries like France and Spain when the UK does officially leave the EU:

Conservative peer and former journalist Baroness Wheatcroft said yesterday (1st August) in relation to the approval of article 50 that; “the Lords might actually delay things”. She feels there’s a majority in the Lords for remaining, and if a bill comes forward I can imagine the delay, with experts also called in giving evidence on the vote.

All these issues will cause problems for the ‘ Ministry for Brexit’ run by David Davis. For those ‘Remainers’ and regretful ‘Leavers’ who feel disheartened and would like to get involved In stopping the disaster of ‘Brexit’ i would recommend signing up to: There is also a Facebook group, both created by David Welsh:

Even though I was shocked, saddened and disappointed with result a month ago I remain positive that getting together and fighting is the way forward, while thinking of the long term in creating a world we all can be proud of being a part of.




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