A second month of doom & gloom or a positive outlook ahead?

Looking back to the 24th June I remember vividly the shock, sadness and disappointment of waking up to the ‘Leave’ result. I stick by my opinions that this vote and leaving the EU will be disastrous route to take for the UK in economic terms, for the union with Scotland & Northern Ireland, for science research funding, trade deals, and the protection of the environment & wildlife among many other aspects. I know many of the 48.1% who voted Remain feel similarly, and from reading views of experts the whole article 50 and leaving scenario would be costly both in time and money, as no proper plan was made should this have been the result.

I have become a member of some positive thinking groups on Facebook with over and continue to read posts by ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ . I believe leaving isn’t inevitable as points have been brought up by lawyers over the legality and not being clear on what ‘Brexit’ actually means among others. There were also the lies told, with Professor Michael Dougan, the leading EU lawyer of the University of Liverpool criticising the “industrial dishonesty” of the leave campaign in a recent video.

A big worry as mentioned previously is the uncertainty surrounding science research funding and attracting scientists and students to the UK since the result. A joint letter from seven academies says that the UK’s world-leading position in these areas is now in jeopardy. They call for the government to make a “bold public commitment” to prioritise reseach in future negotiations, and call for “urgent discussions” on how the government will address any funding gaps in the near future. Their joint letter can be read here:


The rhetoric of “Take Back Control” I believe is impossible and would lead to a tough and drawn out struggle to sort out the mess created from officially leaving the EU. The top members of the leave campaign it has been said could be just thinking of themselves and careers, and blame each other, and deny responsibility for the outcome. I have even seen a pro-leave tabloid exclaiming that a Norway style option of being in the single market with free movement is preferred. This is exactly like we had apart from having any say in Brussels.  I remain positive that getting together and fighting, while thinking of the long term in creating a world we all can be proud of being a part of.


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