Aftermath of the Referendum result

I am not going to lie that I wasn’t shocked, saddened and disappointed waking up on Friday morning. I know many of my friends and family felt the same way, and over the weekend the divide in the country was continually being shown over social media. I did vent a bit myself on Facebook on Friday as couldn’t see any positives from the result personally. It does seem like some of the 51.9% who voted Leave did it on protest against the current government and establishment, and others who didn’t realise what they were voting for (or their’s not making a difference) now regretting their decision with the pound dropping slightly, along with shares and talk of price rises. (Which was predicted by experts beforehand!)

Another worry I had as have friends working in Science Research is the loss of the money from the EU to universities and elsewhere to carry out research. Some will say well “we had Science Research before the EU and we will again”, but will our government(s) still provide the same level of funding? I liked an analogy I saw from my friend Gill for this, who said:

“But that’s like turning off all the electricity in all the hospitals overnight and pointing out that there were hospitals before electricity was used and they managed fine then.”

Following the decision revealed early on Friday there has been turmoil politically as David Cameron has announced his resignation, and a number of Labour’s shadow cabinet members have quit in protest over Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. This seems to be making evoking article 50 sometime off yet, even though other EU leaders have talked of wanting a quick exit. Even Boris Johnson who led the Leave campaign seems to say there is no rush which makes many wonder was his stance all about political gain, and he wasn’t expecting a Leave result? Maybe neither want has responsibility, and be remembered as the one who evoked it, which I’m sure has been mentioned in the media? Also don’t get me started on some of the ‘lies’ used by the Leave campaign including the £350 million a week money for the EU that the NHS could now get! Scotland who voted for Remain overall has also talked of a new independence referendum, with Nicola Sturgeon looking at trying to veto the overall UK decision as it takes Scotland out against it’s will.

I know there was a lot of fear spreading before the vote and now, but I can’t see any positives as mentioned above with leaving the EU. It may not be perfect but there were many advantages I believe for us all staying as a member. If things turn out well in a couple of months or years I will hold my hands up and say I was wrong, but currently I can’t see a positive way forward from leaving.



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