Fire Walking over Hot Coals

On Saturday morning (14th) I took the opportunity; crazy in the mind of some to raise money for Warrington Disability Partnership and walk over hot coals. Many pictures were taken, with the event captured on film.


(Starting the Fire)

The fundraiser was organised by Jamie Boyd from the Today Team based at Taylor Business Park near Culcheth, Warrington. Apart from myself those taking part included Mayor of Warrington Geoff Settle, Warrington Worldwide Editor Gary Skentelbery and Active Cheshire CEO Anne Boyd, and around 20 others.

After a 45 minute motivational training session co-ordinated by by world record fire walker Scott Bell from UK FIREWALK. I felt he gave a great talk to get us in “the zone”, and to remember it is fire so don’t get “cocky”. The group of us; now firewalkers took it in turns to walk over hot coals at 613 Celsius (as measured at the time). I myself walked over 4 times with most others going over at least 2 or 3 times. I gained a small blister and a tingling right foot afterwards, but after a couple of days was back to normal. We also each got a certicate for taking part from UK FIREWALK.


Warrington Disability partnership;  is now in it’s 25 year, and Jamie has since quoted a total of over £1800 was raised from the event, including my £131 so far. If you would still like to donate and sponsor me please visit:


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