Warrington Mid February Roundup.

Warrington and music fans were left shocked and saddened at the news the four members of the Indie Rock band Viola Beach, and their manager were killed following a car crash in Sweden.  Flowers, candles and other tributes have been left outside The Lounge bar in Warrington town centre, where the band had played many times building up their following locally. There has also been a book of condolence placed in Warrington town hall and Contact Warrington on Horsemarket, while the town hall flag will be at half mast, as a sign of respect for the rest of the week.

All four members of the band had been students at Priestley College and were due to play a “home coming” gig at the Parr Hall on march 12. Swedish police are still examining the crash, while fans have already got their single Swings and Waterslides, into the iTunes top three. The band’s record label Communion have confirmed that the proceeds from the sale of singles will go to the families of the band and manager: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/feb/16/viola-beach-oil-tanker-reportedly-sailed-over-wreckage-mt-tellus)

The photo below is from Warrington Worldwide:



Emergency works took place on Saturday 13th February to make parts of the Garnett’s Cabinet works safe, following damage due to vandalism over the past year and the complex left derelict for many years. The water tower, built in 1906, is a prominent feature on the Warrington skyline, and I personally feel would be a great shame to lose it, as shown in the centre below:

Civic Society Chairman John Shipley said: “We were particularly pleased with the use of a mobile platform from Barbauld Street for access rather than the partial demolition of former Industrial School originally proposed by the owner’s appointed contractor.” John added that the Warrington Civic Society was calling on the council to commit to preserving as much of the site’s heritage as possible.



Myself and the Civic Society have also expressed dismay as another historic building went up in flames in Thelwall today, the 16th February. Four fire engines were called out to tackle the fire in the roof space of the barns and disused farmhouse  in Bell Lane, believed to date back to the 1700s. Chairman John Shipley said: “I am Dismayed to see another historic building go up in flames”, and added; “In this case there seems to be less public risk from any structural damage and emergency repairs must be the first consideration.

There also needs to be a full and thorough investigation by the relevant authorities into how this was able to happen.”. Warrington remembers the fire that destroyed the Ritz cinema/Mr Smith’s nightclub back in April 2015.


Almost everyday I walk down Winwick Road, the A49 I see an increasing amount of litter along the verges and bushes. It only seems to be getting worse, and as this is one of the main routes driving into Warrington, the first image you see driving in.  I have already contacted the council about organising a litter pick on the 12th and 13th March, as part of the Clean for the Queen campaign for her 90th birthday year.


Anyone who is interested can contact me through here or my Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1714484325450427/  and I am planning to meet by the Toby Carvery at 10am on Saturday 12th, then the same again on Sunday 13th March.

Lastly the petition against the Peel Hall development by Satnam, is nearly reaching 1000 signatures online, thanks to Barry May for setting up the page: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/782/175/074/stop-satnam-building-in-winwick-and-orford/?taf_id=20766481&cid=fb_na  The consultation with Results Communications ended on the 13th February, now is just a waiting game for the next stage, and the application.


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