Peel Hall Consultation

This piece of open space in the north of Warrington between the M62 and Orford & Cinnamon Brow has been owned by the developer Satnam since the 1980’s. It was originally agricultural land, and is now one of the last remaining areas of open grassland, trees and pond in the area. It has been been surveyed by the Warrington Nature Conservation forum as having at least 67 species of birds, 78 of moths and butterflies, three of amphibians, 10 of mammals and two of bats on the site. More information on this group can be found at:

This short-eared owl was captured by Ste Dodd a few weeks ago (January 5th) showing what could be lost if this area is developed for more housing:

Back in August 1999, people in the area were awoken by the noise of bulldozers and a JCB moving on to the area. They saw shrubs, trees and willows being ripped up. When council officials arrived on the site, having been called by the residents, they were told that the land was being cleared on the order of the owners. Satnam developments submitted plans to build 150 homes on what is referred to as Phase 1 on this land in 2012. Many believed this is to be the thin end of over a thousand home wedge, that will destroy the natural habitat of what has been described as the lungs of North Warrington.

Even though this application was rejected not only by the local planning committee and by a government inspector, a high court challenge against the local plan was made by Satnam in early 2015:

On the 15th January 2016 the new proposals were unveiled with 1200 homes, employment zone, and a local centre. The site is planned to transformed over 15 years if the application is successful. A letter about the proposal display at a local church was said to be sent out for the 23rd January to 4,000 homes. However myself and many others close by and adjacent to the development failed to receive this notification, so glad that Facebook and local media exist to spread the word. The plan can be seen on the aerial view below and more information found at the PR agency used by Satnam at:



I went along to the consultation at the Church of the Resurrection and St Bridget on Saturday 23rd and as expected were many local people with critical comments and points to raise about the proposal. Myself and my partner raised the major point of the extra traffic using Poplars Avenue and past the Aldi store on Sandy Lane West, which is already severely congested at certain times of the day. The consultant responded along the lines of “the council and traffic management plan will look into that”, which didn’t seem very inspiring. Another point I saw was the access, with some homes along Poplars Avenue which apparently have been “acquired” or in the process of being to create the access roads into the site. I could go on to the loss of wildlife which was mentioned above, although more information and pictures can be found at:

I feel this development is unwanted by the people locally for many reasons including the extra traffic, access to the new homes, loss of wildlife and habitat, and the loss of sports field and green space. There is always other land in Warrington that could used for housing if needed, with other land already earmarked locally. Feedback can be given to the consultation until the 13th February, which can be done online or by post through the Results Communications website: 

For more information and other ways to share your view there are the facebook groups:




  1. Geoff Settle · January 29, 2016

    Satnam are paying games they know that there are plenty of sites identified before Peel Hall including brown field ones 😈

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dan Warren · January 31, 2016

    Agree completely Geoff, can’t think of any positives for it even if trying to be objective!


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