My First Business Breakfast

The excitement and nerves hit me when I woke up, and lay there waiting for the alarm to go off. I quickly somehow move from the confines of the warm bed and grab my shirt and trousers, to as not miss the bus. I find my tie has cat hair all over it; suppose that’ll teach me from leaving it by the radiator. Is one of Jasper’s favourite places to sleep other than on my lap or by the gas fire in the lounge.


I made the bus, and sat down on the journey into Warrington bus station. My nerves have mostly gone, as feel this will be a great experience, and I was happy to get more involved in the Love Warrington campaign, to show what a great town this is. I walked down Bridge Street as it continues to get lighter and think how disgusted I am about the litter (no doubt from the Tuesday night out for some), and like around my area of Orford is something I would like to clean up.

Anyway I am moving on to different topics here. I waited and crossed the road as Bridgefoot being the busiest junction/roundabout in Warrington which anyone going through will know. I walk a couple more minutes and arrive at the Village Hotel (I’m so glad it didn’t rain). I look around the lobby area for a board to say where the breakfast is, but can’t see one so ask the friendly guy at the reception desk which way is the Love Warrington event, who tells me down the stairs on the right. I hear is another delegate behind me and we go down together, sharing how glad we both made it in time.

I enter the conference room which has been set out with the chairs, and give my name and am given a name badge that says blogger. This surprised me although I suppose twitter is micro-blogging and I do share posts about the town. Also it gave me the idea to start this blog page, which I will do my best to keep up. I first talked to a guy called Jonathan from Warrington & Co who has been to a few of these breakfasts before. I know in time I will grow in confidence in networking, but do manage to say a little about myself.

I see some bacon rolls and put one on a plate after pouring some orange juice; into a glass, not down myself  (that would be a funny story). I chat to another guy and then the talk by David Briggs, the Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire. I found the talk fascinating and inspiring, as David had some funny stories about the Queen, how he got the role which is largely ceremonial, and about issues facing Cheshire in regard to charities and the work he is undertaking by creating Cheshire Youth United and Cheshire Connect.


(photo from twitter feed of Love Warrington)

Overall I left feeling was a great talk, with lots to think about and get involved in. I will definitely come along to the next talk in February and keep in touch with delegates as I go.

To find out more about the Love Warrington campaign: 








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